Pharaohs of Egypt


Pharaohs of Egypt has a self-contained database of the cartouches, name translations, dynasties, reigns and captial cities of the kings.

For more information, the App reaches out by whatever internet access is available to get the full biography available on Wikipedia.

The search box lives at the top of the Dynasties list on the main page of the App.

If you do not see it, just gently drag the Dyansties list downward with your finger and the Search box will appear.

Photos taken by the App are stored in their own Album within your Apple Photos App.

The default name of the Album is "Pharaohs", but you can change the name in the Settings page of this App. The pictures will also appear in your Camera Roll and your Photo Stream.

The dates for the events of several thousand years ago are at best a bit uncertain! Aviametrix has tried to use the most current and accepted estimates in the literature.

Nonetheless, there are sometimes conflicts of opinion about which king ruled first and at what dates.

If you are using the "Adult" version of this App (17+), then yes, when you have WiFi or Cell data, you can go where ever the links lead.

In the soon to be released Kids version of the App, Apple requires that web access be limited to the curated pages about the Pharaohs.

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