Pharaohs of Egypt is a Field Guide for everyone fascinated by the long and colorful history of ancient Egypt!

Recorded history basically starts with Egypt over 5000 years ago and its evolution of culture laid the foundation for the Greeks and following Western Civilizations. The stages of egyptian culture and events are usually tracked by the succession of rulers who are commonly known as Pharaohs. There were over 300 Pharaohs and they put their names on every work of art and architecture they commisioned. If fact, Pharaohs frequently "repurposed" the works of their predecessors by removing the original names and writing in their own names.

As you look at ancient Egyptian artwork or inscriptions, whether in a museum, in the field in the Middle East, or even just a photo, you will find them covered with "cartouches" which are the specialized way in which Pharaohs who lived after about 2670 BC wrote their names. The cartouches make it easy to find the name of the king, and this App helps to figure out which cartouche goes with which historical figure.

Features of Pharaohs of Egypt

On Board, built-in database

of all known Pharaohs with cartouches and some biographical data accessible even when in the field or in a building with no WiFi or cell data service.

Search Functions

Search for Pharaohs by name or capital city. Now you can also search for Pharaoh identification by the hieroglyphs contained in their cartouche.

Seemless Interface to Wikipedia and

for more detailed information about each Pharaoh. Now also directly links to the detailed research database at by Peter Lundström. This additional link provides all known variants for cartouches and references citations and bibliography for each king.

Large, Clearly Drawn Cartouches

with English translations of the Birth names and Throne names

Flash light

available to better examine inscriptions and artifacts.


to save annotated photos of the cartouches and other artifacts you find.

Background Information

Starter tutorials on ancient Egypt, hieroglyphs, and cartouche reading incorporated in the right-sided slide menu.